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Sandell Place Fire

Amesbury Town Council’s thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by the fire at Sandell Place on Friday evening.

The emergency services are to be commended for their response and organization - residents of the flats were well cared for at the Baptist Centre with the help of Wiltshire Councillors.

The Town Council’s emergency procedures were activated and thanks to so many people, we were ready to give shelter at the Bowman Centre to anyone who needed somewhere to stay that night.

Huge thanks go to Andy and Alice Membery from the Amesbury Air Cadets who, at a moment’s notice, supplied and assembled 25 cot beds.

We were absolutely humbled by the response of residents when the call was put out on Facebook for bedding. Thank you to everyone who, without question, provided duvets, blankets, pillows, toiletries, clothes and toys. Your generosity was second to none.

Special thanks go to the lovely residents who offered rooms in their homes for the night to those who had nowhere to go.

With additional offers of help from Jonathan Russell of Wessex Community Circus, Tesco, Amesbury Fish Bar, Olio and Salisbury Pantry, Amesbury’s community spirit was seen at its best. Thank you.

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