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New Town Clerk

Sarah Jane Tucker assumes the role of Clerk for Amesbury Town Council, bringing a wealth of experience to this esteemed position. Residing in Durrington for the past 12 years with her husband Lee, she initially established roots in the area over two decades ago while serving with the Intelligence Corps, culminating in her honorable retirement in 2015 after a commendable 22-year military career.

Her professional journey, spanning roles in Defence, Local Government, Leisure, and Construction, has endowed her with diverse expertise. Sarah is committed to harnessing this wealth of experience in her capacity at the Town Council. Additionally, she holds qualifications in HR, Leadership and Management, and, significantly for the Council, CiLCA.

Having previously served as the Clerk to Durrington Town Council, Sarah possesses an intimate understanding of local issues that impact the community. She recognizes the vital role of engaging with residents to ensure transparency and effectiveness in the Town Council's operations. Sarah is dedicated to ensuring that the Council delivers services fairly, to the best of its ability, and with a focus on providing excellent value for money.

We extend our heartfelt wishes to Sarah, trusting that her tenure as Clerk will be marked by distinction and success.

We wish Sarah all the very best in her endeavors at Amesbury Town Council.


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