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Men's Shed

There is currently a planning application with the Local Planning Authority for a storage facility and workshop by the Centenary Pavilion, Archers Gate. If successful, the Town Council will commission a builder and it is hoped to provide the facility by the end of the year.

The workshop is intended for use as a Men’s Shed and so we are now starting to put things in place to facilitate the formation of a Shed. We received expressions of interest when the idea was first introduced several years ago, and contact will be made with those people again. If anyone would like further information or would like to commit to starting up and running the Shed, we would like to hear from you. This will not be a Town Council-led group.

There is currently funding available from the Stonehenge Area Board. Access to the funding is time limited and they require evidence of a formal group being set up. Such a group would need a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

There is help available to anyone who wants to join this fantastic new venture.

For more information about men’s sheds: Home - (

Mens Shed 2023
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