July Full Council Meeting Notes

Matters raised at the Town Meeting were discussed by councillors. It was agreed that action could be taken by the Town Council to pursue the matter of broken litter bins in the town centre and the potential removal of a redundant telegraph pole in Salisbury Street.

The Town Council will take part in the Queen’s Jubilee tree planting scheme.

Cllr Crook stated that Byway 20 should remain open for both vehicles and pedestrians, asking that simple alterations be considered to make this possible.

Councillors agreed to support the redesign of Bonnymead, including car park improvement, play equipment and possible toilet facility. Plans are to be presented at a future meeting.

The Town Council is to look into the possibility of installing a compostable toilet in the Stockport Avenue Allotments/Disc Golf area.

Cllr Dr Monica Devendran proposed the purchase of the Wyndham Hall in order to benefit the people of Amesbury. The finance committee is to investigate this further.

The following highways issues were agreed for recommendation to Wiltshire Council: installation of a bollard at Holders Road/Coltsfoot Close; a reduction of speed limits on various roads; a waiting/parking restriction request from the Stonehenge School.