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Frogs in Amesbury

Have You Seen The Frogs?

Frogs have hopped into Amesbury Town Centre!

Amesbury Town Council has been awarded a grant from the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund and is working with City Dressing to brighten the town centre. Look out for more additions to the streets over the coming weeks.

Why frogs? Archaeologists at Blick Mead found evidence of a burnt frog’s leg. The charred frog’s leg bone was found alongside small fish bones and burnt Aurochs bones (the predecessor of cows). The finds date back to between 6250BC and 7596BC, making this discovery in Amesbury the earliest evidence of a cooked toad or frog’s leg found in the world.

Did you also know that around 1463, what is now known as Flower Lane used to be called "Frog Lane" because of the high numbers living in the area surrounding the Avon River meadows?

Huge thanks go to the Primary Schools for their fabulous work decorating the frogs – they all look brilliant. Thanks also to the businesses who have agreed to care for them.

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