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Countess Underpass

20/3/2024 Important Update

A303 Countess Underpass Flooding Concerns

Dear Residents,

The Mayor Cllr Dr Monica Devendran has raised the issue of the Countess Road Underpass to National Highways, please find a summary of their response ⬇️ below 👇

-Recent Works: Electrical circuitry improvements were made in December 2023 to enhance pump resilience, but flooding persists despite successful completion.

-Root Cause: Exceptionally wet winter has led to high river levels and saturated ground, causing water accumulation.

-Current Situation: The underpass discharges to an area already flooded, exacerbating the issue.

Maintenance Efforts: Scheduled maintenance on March 25, 2024, to clean and service pumps and drains.

-Future Plans: Exploring a remote monitoring system for early alerts on rising water levels, subject to funding.

-Continued Efforts: National Highways will seek realistic and economic solutions based on national priorities.

The Mayor has invited National Highways to the Amesbury Town Council meeting on 2nd of April 2024 and is working closely with National Highways to get this resolved.


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