Calling all volunteers in Wiltshire - your views matter

Have your say and help shape the future of volunteering in Wiltshire.

Thursday 13th May, 12.00 – 2 pm

Volunteers, like you, make an enormous difference to Wiltshire’s communities, particularly throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. The experience you have had matters and we would like to hear how volunteering has been for you, so we can learn from it and make a difference in the future.

Volunteers and volunteer managers are invited to an online event taking place on Thursday 13th May between 12.00 and 2 pm. Hosted by Wessex Community Action in collaboration with the Volunteering Research Hub, a Research Centre at the University of Winchester, this event will bring volunteers from across Wiltshire together, to meet up and connect with other volunteers, as well as take part in a workshop. The workshop will;

  • Provide an opportunity to share volunteering experiences,

  • Gather valuable feedback particularly around models of volunteering (formal/informal and other), recruitment, management, and support for volunteers and volunteer managers available

  • Share your thoughts and reflections and help shape and influence the future of volunteering in Wiltshire.

Whether you are a seasoned volunteer, new to the role, or are a volunteer manager or coordinator, your views matter. Your experience will feed into work being undertaken by the Volunteering Research Hub and will be equally useful for local statutory authorities, volunteering organisations, and volunteers. We have timed the workshop part of the meeting to start at 12.30 for an hour, so hopefully, you will be able to join us during your lunch break.

To sign up for the event please visit

Wessex Community Action is excited to be working with the Volunteering Research Hub at the University of Winchester (UoW). Dr. Debra Gray, a Reader in Social Psychology in the Department of Psychology at UoW and Director of the center, will be jointly facilitating the event. Dr. Gray has published several research reports that consider volunteer motivations and experiences see for more information.

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