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Amesbury Town Council Precept 2024/25

At its meeting January 16, 2024 - Amesbury Town Council resolved to establish the Precept for the upcoming fiscal year at £710,596.

Mayor Cllr Dr. Monica Devendran said ‘this reflects the Council's unwavering commitment to the Town's progress and the betterment of its services and facilities. The Town Council recognizes the need to continue investing more funds into the town and the services and facilities it operates, to not only sustain but also enhance them. Our councillors, through the various committees, are keen to make improvements across the town, and they are working hard to come up with plans to deliver these. Furthermore, the committees have played a vital role in determining this Precept, fully acknowledging the financial impact any increase, regardless of its size, has on the residents. The Town Council is diligently working towards ensuring that everything planned for the forthcoming year will effectively mitigate this impact. Looking ahead, the Town Council eagerly anticipates engaging with residents on a number of projects that are currently in the pipeline. This commitment to community involvement is a testament to the Council's dedication to fostering a collaborative environment where the voices and aspirations of the residents are valued’.

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